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Holly Garber
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I grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ and chose to raise my children in my hometown because I value family roots and strong community relationships. My ten plus years experience in commercial real estate, as a landlord tenant representative, as well as a design consultant for residential developers, builders, and homeowners, allows me to offer my clients a multidimensional perspective on what buyers want most in a home and how sellers can make small improvements that will result in a quick sale and yield a big return on their investment. I collaborate with my writers and production team to create modern, stimulating, and customized marketing campaigns for every one of my clients. Whether working with buyers, sellers, landlords, or developers, I pride myself on being knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated, driven, honest and extremely precise. 
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If you have any questions regarding the buying/selling process, or you're curious about current local market conditions, email or call me.

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