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Is a barrier island located Northeast of Atlantic City and is 6 miles long.  It’s known as one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in South Jersey.  There are three neighborhoods in Brigantine.

The “ A-Zone” is located in the center of the island and includes streets from 15th to 30th/31st.  The A-Zone is considered prime realty due to the fact there are no commercial, condo, or multifamily dwellings in the area, only single family homes. There are four blocks from the bay to the beach in the A-Zone. The 400 block is the ocean block.  The 300 block is the beach block to the bayside of Ocean Avenue.The 200 block is Revere Blvd. to the bayside of Brigantine Avenue, and the 100 block is by the bay.

The Southend is the area you see as soon as you drive over the bridge into Brigantine.  It’s known for its drive on beaches, The Cove and The Jetty.  There are large beautiful beach front homes located on Ocean Drive in a subdivision known as Sea Point.

The Northend begins at Roosevelt Avenue and goes North to 15th Street North. It’s home to the golf course and the elementary and middle school.  The bay front homes at the Northend line West Shore Drive and have incredible views of the Atlantic City Skyline.

Residents and visitors love the fact the Borgata Casino, the Golden Nugget Casino and Marina and Harrah's Casino is less than a five minute drive from the island. Literally within minutes, you have the best of both worlds; the peace and tranquility that Brigantine has to offer, and the restaurants, entertainment, nightlife, shopping, and spa and pool access the casinos offer.